Digital Fluency


digital fluency


What is digital fluency? Digital fluency is the ability to use different digital technologies in a confident manner and achieve a desired goal (Howell, 2012). Digital fluency in a classroom setting involves a student feeling confident and knowing exactly what they need to do to get a job done and what skills they need to use in order to achieve the results needed.

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Teachers can build on a student’s fluency by:

  1. Planning purposeful activities. This would see the students using a certain technology and program to solve a problem that had a desired learning outcome to build on their skills and knowledge, therefore building on their fluency (Howell, 2012).
  2. Let the children be responsible for their learning. Let them take interest in different technologies and apps and explore them, to see what they can find out without being given a step by step process of how to find information or work a program (Holland, 2013).

    Image 3 (Barua, 2016)
  3. Give just enough instructions to get a student started on solving a problem. Encourage them to work with other students to come up with the answer, bounce ideas off each other. This will help scaffold their learning on this technology (Holland, 2013).
  4. If a student has found the solution, encourage them to share their answer with the class. Take a step back and let that student teach their fellow students how they did it, what steps, what they needed to use etc. (Holland, 2013).

    Image 4 (Spencer, n.d)

Digital Fluency is not something that is learnt all at once, it is slowly built on as we learn more about technologies and ways to use them to solve problems and find answers. It is important for children in schools to use technologies and become confident in using them as they will use these sets of skills in further study and the work force.


Image 5 (Stualkins, 2016)



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